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Allentown Parking Authority
Allentown Parking Authority - SUCKS!

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Site Updated On: Nov. 21, 2019

For faster action please Contact Allentown City Council members with your grievance:

  • Michael D'Amore: 484.951.3093 - damore@allentowncity.org
  • Michael Donovan: 484.550.9241 - donovan@allentowncity.org
  • Michael Schlossberg: 484.788.4506 - schlossbergm@allentowncity.org
  • Peter G. Schweyer: 484.550.9881 - schweyer@allentowncity.org
  • Jeanette Eichenwald: 610.349.6470 - jeichenwald@rcn.com
  • Ray O'Connell: 484.866.0988 - oconnellr@allentowncity.org
  • Julio A. Guridy: Julio A. Guridy on Facebook

  • A word from our founder;
    It is my belief that Government should only implement and/or maintain a city-wide Parking Authority to solve problems that occur when a large number of its citizens (too many for the police department to handle) park their vehicles with brazen disrespect and/or ignorance towards their fellow citizens. However, in Allentown it is reversed. The city has failed to meet the needs of its citizens and with brazen disrespect has been dipping into your pocket for years.

    The Allentown Parking Authority creates more problems than it solves and while most citizens don't have the time to investigate this fact; deep in their gut they know it to be true. So I investigated ...

    The Allentown Parking Authority is a
    Corrupt, Wasteful, Hypocritical, Nuisance

    The more I look at what the Allentown Parking Authority does and how they do it, the more I lose faith in our "leaders". While I could write a novel about it all, I don't have the time to write it, and you probably don't have the time to read it. So I'm just going to bullet point A FEW of the MANY reasons why the Allentown Parking Authority should be shut down:
    • The Allentown Parking Authority has a $3,041,000.00 annual opperating cost and a $1,000,000.00+ credit line so it HAS TO ticket people in order to pay the bills. (not to worry; Executive Director, Tamara Weller won't let the APA lose money ... how else will she continue to pay herself a generous salary of $97,006.00).

    Angle Grinder Man - Real Life Superhero Who Fights the Parking Authority
    • In 1986 the Allentown Parking Authority had a staff of approximately 12 people and brought in around $1,227,000 ... HOWEVER; in 2008 they had a staff of 48 people and brought in 5-times that; $5,682,000 (I can't wait for the 2009 numbers you greedy S.O.B.'s!)

    • In 2008 the Allentown Parking Authority gave out 108,289 Parking Tickets in a city with an estimated 107,250 people living in it. (Factor in the non-drivers and its almost 2 tickets per person!). But wait there's more! They handed out over 100,000 tickets in responce to only 8,240 calls for service dispatch?!!? ([E-911 Fund] | [Archived Copy])

    • Nobody inspects the Parking Meters even though it's the law and also the ethical thing to do. (The PA Department of Rides and Meassures has an undocumented "Memorandum of understanding" with Allentown[?] which as I've come to learn means: "Go'head and break the law, we'll just look the other way". [2008 PA RIDE & MEASUREMENT ANNUAL REPORT] | [Archived Copy] | [Highlighted Version])

    • Parking Meters still exist in areas where thriving businesses abandoned long ago... ( ...in part due to the Parking Authority ... Apparently they don't realize Mall Parking is free!?)

    • Because large profits would make the APA look like the money hungry nuisance they are, the Allentown Parking Authority must spend most of its income. This results in wastful spending and also the Parking Authority owning a fleet of vehicles equipped with the latest technology (technology that is sold to them by the former Executive Director of the Allentown Parking Authority and our City Schools ... well ... they can have a bake sale or something)

    • The Allentown Parking Authority does nothing to alleviate parking congestion for the citizens of Allentown ... and then in a manner that is almost cruel; THEY TICKET YOU for having no place to park!? What's worse is they do NOTHING to prevent City Council from introducing even more ridiculous parking restrictions that result in more tickets for you!

    • [a] Case and point: STREET CLEANING TICKETS ARE OUT OF CONTROL and rather than complain to the Streets Department about the unnecessary and redundant Street Cleaning schedule that shuts down 25% of the already congested inner city parking 4 days a week, the Allentown Parking Authority just gives you a ticket for your inconvenience.

    • Nobody monitors the Allentown Parking Authority or its Board of Directors (Additionally; Months go by and their meeting minutes go unpublished making it nearly impossible for the citizens or the local press to keep tabs on them)

    • They blatantly target low income neighborhoods. (If they ticketed EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD like they do the low-income ones the APA would have been shut down years ago. But Hey ... Poor people can't afford lawyers so who's going to stop them?)

    • They use fear & extortion tactics. (Have you ever asked about fighting a ticket and get told this: "You can fight your ticket in court but they add an extra $60 to your fine if you lose and if you don't pay that we'll boot your car and the cost skyrockets."?)

    • They boot vehicles that are for medical use. (I guess Grandma won't have to worry about getting more medical bills if she can't get to the hospital, right? Obviously paying her unpaid parking fines is far more important than getting to her dialysis)

    • What's that? You're broke and can't afford to pay the multipule tickets we gave you for your uninspected vehicle that needs costly and unexpected repairs that you also can't afford right now unless you stop feeding your children? Well "That's Not My Problem" and we don't care that we keep ticketing you over-and-over for the same thing. Mwhahahahahaha ... try digging yourself out of this hole, because WE CAN, AND WE WILL, ticket you every day until it's inspected at 100% interest every few days to spite the fact that your parked and uninspected vehicle is clearly not a threat to anyone. We're just insensitive jerks like that. (- based on a TRUE STORY!)

    • The Allentown Parking Authority claims to be a "Necessary Evil" while it conveniently does not keep records for the number of parking complaints it receives or the number of complaints it resolves. (I don't agree that the APA is "Necessary" since they can't prove that they are ... However, I do agree that they're "Evil")

    • A Joke: How much does it cost the Allentown Parking Authority to change a lightbulb? Answer: $250,00.00! (Not very funny. [2009 Conservation Works! Grants (Page 9)] | [Archived Copy]

    • I could go on-and-on but simply put; The Allentown Parking Authority harasses more citizens than they actually provide a service to

    [ AUTHORITIES, BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS : 168 Parking Authority : 168.05 COMMUNITY INPUT ] [ Archived Copy ] :
    "The [Parking] Authority shall actively consult with residents, civic and business organizations, and institutions on the installation of parking meters and implementation of regulations and residential permit parking within areas where these groups, individuals or institutions would be affected by the contemplating action."

    Just replace the word "Philadelphia" with "Allentown"


    This site is in no way affiliated with the Allentown Parking Authority

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